How Much Do Piano Lessons Really Cost In Singapore?

piano lesson costs in Singapore

Lots of parents are considering letting their children learn the piano as a musical instrument. However, finances are a real consideration, and so let us look at some of these common costs related to taking piano lessons. Additionally, I will share with you some hidden costs which first time parents may not be aware are related to their children taking piano lessons in Singapore!

First of all, the main cost will be the fees that you pay to the teacher. When you get a piano teacher for your child, you will need to pay the teacher on a monthly or weekly basis (usually monthly – though you are to clear up this point with the agency you sign up with). This monthly costs will be fixed, and usually only changed when your child advances up the ABRSM grades. This cost ranges from between $120 to $150 per month for 4 lessons for ABRSM grade 1. This then increases by around $20 per grade up till around $200 for ABRSM grade 4 piano lessons. After that, the increase is greater as your child will be receiving 60 minutes piano lessons instead of the 45 minutes piano lessons for the lower grades. For table form break down, refer to the following:

Grade 1 – $120 to $150
Grade 2 – $140 to $170
Grade 3 – $160 to $190
Grade 4 – $180 to $210
Grade 5 – $210 to $240
Grade 6 – $240 to $270
Grade 7 – $270 to $300
Grade 8 – $300 to $330

The second cost will be the piano purchase cost. While some families in Singapore choose to rent a piano instead of buying one, I strongly recommend you purchase one instead. It is far cheaper in the long run, and you can also sell it eventually. Therefore, you don’t incur 100 percent of the cost of the piano in reality although you do need to pay it upfront. However, do note that many piano sellers and resellers actually offer an interest free loan payment program. Although this is not a financial consultant website, you should just opt for the interest free loan payment program. With that said, most first hand upright pianos cost between $7000 to $15000, depending on the quality. I recommend you pick something in the middle so that it is not too expensive but enough for your child to learn on as he or she progresses through the ABRSM grades. Most second hand upright pianos cost between $4000 to $13000 in Singapore.

The third cost when it comes to taking piano lessons in Singapore will be the ABRSM examination application fees. Each application costs hundreds of dollars, especially in the higher grades. Both theory and practical ABRSM piano examinations will need to be applied for separately. This means that there will be separate charges for each too! For ABRSM’s 2019 piano practical exam fees in Singapore, refer to the following table:

Grade 1 – $204
Grade 2 – $245
Grade 3 – $265
Grade 4 – $286
Grade 5 – $296
Grade 6 – $377
Grade 7 – $428
Grade 8 – $510

For the music theory examination application fees in Singapore for year 2019, refer to the following:

Grade 1 – $112
Grade 2 – $122
Grade 3 – $133
Grade 4 – $153
Grade 5 – $163
Grade 6 – $184
Grade 7 – $194
Grade 8 – $204

Do note that the examination application fees will increase over time to keep up with inflation.

The next cost you want to look out for is the any learning materials. This will include things such as the metronome, piano exam books, casual pop song sheet music, exam CDs e.t.c. These are things that the piano teacher will purchase on behalf of your child, and you will be required to reimburse the teacher. These are costs which are necessary most of the time, with the exception of pop song sheet music. This is purely if your child also wishes to learn songs other than the ABRSM related exam pieces and scales e.t.c.

Last but not least, it will be any potential exam reapplication fees. No parents nor piano students want this, but it is possible that your child may fail at a particular exam. In the event of this, your child will then need to reapply for the same examination again. This means that the relevant piano exam fees will need to be paid to ABRSM again.