Should Your Child Take Private Or School Piano Lessons?

Is learning from a public music school such as Yamaha a better idea of engaging a private home piano teacher in Singapore?

Check out the answer below! To get the ideal answer for yourself and your child, there are several different criteria that you may want to consider.

First of all, how old is your child? If your child is a teenager, then having him or her go to lessons and travelling to and fro by himself or herself is an easy task. Additionally, there is very little for you to worry about, especially in Singapore. However, if your child is just a toddler or below the age of 7 or 10, then many parents may not feel secure having their child travelling by themselves due to lots of car traffic in Singapore. Therefore, many parents will fetch their kids to the music schools. This can be a hassle if you do not have access to a car all the time, or your house is nowhere near a music school. In such a case, then having a piano teacher go to your house is a much better idea.

Second of all, does your child learn better in a group class or with one to one attention. While it may feel as though one to one learning is always the best, some children learn best in groups due to interaction with other piano students allowing them to inspire more learning. Therefore, this really depends on your child, and you should take note of that. If your child learns better in a group, it is probably a better idea to send your child to a local music school within Singapore. If not, getting a home piano teacher in Singapore is a much better idea!

Third of all, do you like the way a music school teaches their students? If you really like it, then make sure to consider it. This is because a music school usually charges much higher rates than any other private home piano tutor in Singapore. This is because they have much larger overheads to cover such as rental instead of just travelling fees for private piano teachers in Singapore. If your child particularly likes learning from a school, then send him or her there. If not, or if your child is neutral to home or school learning, then it is probably a better idea to just save the money and get a private piano teacher in Singapore for your child.

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